Tips for how to grow your company through social media

Before starting out managing the social media accounts of your company, be aware that the social media users have their requirements and you need to serve those needs in order to be successful. You will be required to do some research. This research is not only essential for your social media campaign, but also in order to improve your business model and structure.

What is so special about social media is that only certain content gets shared, and other content pass the users without a notice. In order to succeed in social media marketing you need to be in the middle of all attention. Research content that currently or previously has been in the centre of social media. Determine how the content went viral and try to understand what distinguish it.

Listening to audience & Analyze competition

Look at your competitors and industry leader’s social media accounts. It isn’t necessary that big corporations use effective strategies, but it is very likely they do. Identify hashtags that your community use, and keep a list of those since you later on can create content around those topics.

Digital Marketing Agency Reports

Browse on various digital marketing agencies that have helped companies within your industry, and find reports on how social media have boosted that specific company’s sales. Take a closer look at those social media accounts and try to discover a pattern in their marketing tactic.

Social media goals

Before starting the social media management you also need to set up your objectives. What do you want to achieve? This could be everything from improving customer service to boosting sales to generate a wider customer engagement. The goals should be realistic and fit well with your business model.

Reduce customer service costs

Example of objectives could be reducing the number of customer service support calls & tickets by answering common questions around your brand and publish these on Facebook or Twitter. Customer support costs could be also achieved by publishing an search engine friendly FaQ on your company website.

Boost sales

Another possibility of social media integration is through inbound marketing with focus on sales. This could be achieved through creating engaging and potentially viral content such as blog posts, eBooks and webinars).


Whether your company sells everyday items with mostly impulsive shopping customers or you focus on high-end customers doing plenty of pre-buying-research, you can boost your sales and brand awareness through engaging your customers.

Hire an agency

When you realize how much work there is to analyze, produce and publish content, it might be a good idea to let the experts handle that, so that you can spend your time doing your own business. Book a meeting and let us show you how our social media management service can help your business grow.