Why companies should use white hat link building

When speaking of link building, there are two commonly two different approaches, one that wishes to obtain quick although temporary rankings referred to as black hat, and the other which aim for stable long term results called white hat. Black hat methods might give the website a great search engine rank quickly. However, this rank is likely to completely vanish once Google notices that the link building process was not done legitimately. White hat SEO on the other hand, uses more reliable ways of receiving rankings, all within Google’s own guidelines. The white ranking process is time-consuming, but will likely stay up top once the ranking is achieved.

Black hat methods

Black hat methods are such as tiered link building, spamming and hacked website linking. All these methods can give the website a search engine penalty which in other words means that the webpage will be completely deindexed (removed) from the search engine. Therefore, avoid all these methods and make sure that your SEO provider do the same.

Tiered link building means that you build a pyramid of links with the website desired to receive rankings on top of the pyramid. This website receives links from one layer below, containing quite a few high-quality websites and/or blogs. This second layer receives links, usually spamlinks from a third layer, which receives spam links from a fourth layer and so on. The idea of this link building process is that Google won’t catch up on the spam links and see the “top-of-the-pyramid-webpage” as a legitimate one. However, Google has pushed an update which have targeted plenty of these tiered link building networks and removed all those websites from the search results.

Hacked website linking is just what it sounds like. It is done by hacking into plenty of websites and adding a link back to the target website. With a big amount of websites, this can receive high rankings very quickly. However, it is also very temporary and will not only give a search engine penalty but perhaps also legal problems.

Grow Digital recommend companies to stay away from black hat methods as it is not a reliable ranking method, and can not only hurt your current rankings but hurt your whole brand name. Instead we recommend using white hat methods which will give rankings that stay on top for a long time whilst also building a constantly increasing customer base.

White hat

The honest search engine optimization methods are referred to as white hat. This is the best long-term method, as it will give rankings and customers for a long time in the future. There are bookshelves full of literature and worldwide seminars on how to best perform SEO, but some generally accepted link building methods are private blog networks, social media, guest posting and bookmarking.

A private blog network is a big network of blogs/websites that are regularly updated and have quite a follower base. In appropriate blog posts/subpages, there is a link to the desired target site. Sometimes a private blog network can be referred to as grey hat, however that depends on the quality of the blogs/ websites that are in the network. Using a few high quality websites works better than a bunch of low quality websites.

We are in the middle of the social media era and there are unlimited possibilities on how to interact with it. Social media marketing refers to creating valuable content for social media users. The focus is to send the social media user to your website, where they would want to continue browsing. Our agency provide social media management services which might be interesting for your company.

Another way of receiving links is through guest posting. This is done by letting a blogger in the same niche as yours to publish a blog post in their website with a link to your website. Bookmarking refers to adding your webpage to various bookmarking websites. These websites usually require your website to be of high quality, and many will do a manual review of your website before accepting it. There are also plenty of niche bookmarking sites, which is more beneficial for as well search engine optimization as customer leads since the search engines acknowledge links from the same niche more than links in general.

The most important part of SEO

Google is getting smarter every day, and it is taking more note of user behavior. No matter of how good link building you have, you will not receive any good rankings unless you have a user-friendly, good performing and well-targeted webpage that has a great click-through-rate, on-page-time and low bump rate. Learn more about how a well-designed webpage can give you great rankings and boosted sales.


Black Hat SEO may give quick rankings, but it can also get your website completely deindexed, hurt your brand reputation and get you into legal problems. To successfully drive your business forward it is a better choice to use White Hat SEO, which results in continuous increasing search engine rankings.