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Marketers reaction to AdBlock being sold

AdBlock got sold last week. Who the buyer is, what the buyer’s intentions are and how this will affect advertising remains unclear. What is clear although, is that the demand for AdBlock are increasing. The almost 100 million users has downloaded the plugin because of their tiredness of ads. Some say that advertisers only have […]

How to set up a converting E-mail campaign

Email marketing is a cost-effective online marketing technique that can create engagement and can both boost direct sales and create long-term commitment. The subject line There has been statistics that a third of recipients decide whether to or whether to not open the email depending on the subject line. Therefore the subject line is of […]

Using video background in webpages

One of the hottest things in the web design world right now is video backgrounds. These allows you to create a complete image of your brand within just a few seconds. A solid counter-argument for using video background is the bandwidth problem. When a user with a slow Internet connection enters the website, it will […]